Conference Topics

Computational models for TEL

  • Metadata, learning objects and repositories
  • Network infrastructures (peer to peer, ad-hoc networks, …)
  • Semantic web and web 2.0
  • Web services architectures
  • Sensors and sensors networks
  • Mobile technologies
  • Roomware and ubiquitous computing

Pedagogical models for TEL

  • Learning communities & social software
  • Problem- and project-based learning
  • Instructional design
  • Collaborative learning and scripting
  • Inquiry based learning
  • Teachers' authoring and orchestration
  • Individualisation and personalisation

Individual, social & organisational learning processes

  • Cognitive mechanisms in knowledge construction
  • Social interactions and learning
  • Knowledge management and organisational learning
  • Deployment strategies and change management in
  • Sustainability & TEL business models

Learning contexts

  • Small, medium and large companies
  • University campus, corporate campus and distance universities
  • Initial vocational training
  • Informal learning, associations, families,…
  • From kindergarten to elderly people
  • TEL in developing countries
  • TEL for disabled persons


  • Bridging formal and informal learning
  • Comparing university and corporate training
  • Integrating multiple TEL approaches with an environment or scenario